SNDLLP is a National & International Award-winning firm. Based in Pune, headed by Sanjay Newaskar and Mansi Newaskar having the firm established in the year 1990.

The studio aims at transforming, delivering versatile Interior Architecture services with personalized details. ARCHITECTURE ANDINTERIORS are synthesis of FORM AND FUNCTION. They design spaces where Exterior flows into Interiors, creating a strong connectivity between spaces. And this can be achieved, if a project is designed with good details and a strong concept.

It believes, having created a wide spectrum of innovative designs over the coming years, it continues to efficiently complete the journey from concept to creation. The commitment to bringing quality, creativity and style to the projects has helped to make the firm successful and sought after by clients throughout India. The portfolio boosts over 500 projects encompassing high end Residential House design, Healthcare, Commercial, Educational, Leisure and Architectural conceptual projects.

The firm has won many awards like; Indian Express Ambience Awards, CWAB Awards in the Noteworthy category, International Award ‘A’ Design (Italy) and IDA Awards (USA) and also SBID (Society of British Interior Designers) - Finalist (London).

Their design basis lies in strong zoning principles that ensure clear circulation, maximum natural light to the spaces, so as to approach every project with an unique and different design thought.


Born in 1969 in Pune, Maharashtra, India; Sanjay Newaskar had hobbies like Art & Craft, Sketching and Drawing since his childhood. Hobbies and Interests turned into career; He completed his Diploma in Interior Designing from University of Bombay in the year 1989.

In addition to his prestigious career of 25 years as a Designer, Sanjay Newaskar has been a speaker and jury member in renowned Interior Designing Institutions and Colleges and in many Award functions.


Born in 1977 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India; Mansi had hobbies like Sports,Dancing, Cooking, Designing garments, and Painting frames. She completed her graduation from SNDT College, Pune in the year 1998. She specialised her degree in Family Resource Management and then she continued with extensive study in Interiors. Her expertise and talent are apparent in her myriad designs that match the needs of each client. She has worked upon and participated in a number of Design presentations. She is good at conceptualising of new projects.