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  • Early life and education
    Born in 1969 in Pune, India. From his childhood itself he was associated with work experience in his own garment shop for about 10 years during his school days.

    Having a keen approach towards design and color, Mr. Sanjay Newaskar obtained a diploma in interior design in the year 1989.

    Career and practice
    In 1990, Sanjay Newaskar established his own practice in Pune. During the practice, he also worked as a guest lecturer in a prestigious institution ‘’SNDT College’’, Pune.

    During his career, he has already executed around 300 residential, commercial, hospitality and architectural projects.

    Mr. Sanjay Newaskar has won the best interior designer award in residential category in the year 2001. His works have been extensively featured in several design magazines with over different publications. His firm got converted into "Sanjay Newaskarr Design Pvt. Ltd." in the year 2010. Now, the firm is having two directors Mr. Sanjay Newaskar and Mrs. Mansi Newaskar.
    Now, the firm is having two directors Mr. Sanjay Newaskar and Mrs. Mansi Newaskar.
  • Born in 1977 in Mumbai, India.

    She has won a number of medals for sports in her school days in Pune.

    Completed her graduation from SNDT College, Pune in 1997. After completing her graduation, she worked with Mr.Sanjay Newaskar . Mr. and Mrs. Newaskar got married in the year 1999.

    During her career, Mrs. Mansi Newaskar worked for a number of projects.

    Having developed interest in residential design, she still manages the home and the office both at her level best. This is reflected in her design. She says “I approach a project as I would a blank canvas, utilizing the elements of color,line value, texture, form, corporation and balance.

    Both an artist and an interior designer, Mrs. Newaskarr brings variety and drama to her design projects. Beginning the education with bachelors in home science in family resource management, and continuing with
    extensive study in interiors, she combines as creativity.

  • Our approach
    To us interior design at its best, is a synthesis of its form and function. Attention to detail is what distinguishes a quality design project. Detail doesn't only mean adding, it's also about knowing when to edit. This applies across all projects, no matter the budget, whether big or small.We both first find out from our clients, as each client is unique and individual, what their current and expected needs and philosophy are, and then they work with the clients to create their personalized design. We create style of living that provides a flexible environment of flowing, well, lit, inspirational spaces that can transform the way you live.

    We do believe each client deserves a space that reflects their personality and enables them to thrive in that atmosphere and that the process of creativity is a never ending journey of discovery..